Jobs for Artists Without a Degree

Equipment operators help build and maintain large structures such as buildings, roads, and bridges that make up the city’s infrastructure. They operate the heavy machinery needed to steer graders, direct asphalt, roll out roads, and much more. Depending on your state’s licensing, you can either attend vocational schools that offer the necessary courses or join an apprenticeship program.

Good Careers That Don

Here Are The Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree

In this article, we’ve listed the top 25 highest paying jobs without a degree. There are some interesting positions you may have never heard of before, some that you’ve dreamed of since childhood but thought it was out of your reach, and others that you may have overlooked as practical careers.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a college degree to have a successful career. Many employers and companies look for skills, experience, and knowledge in the field, while others require specific training or apprenticeship programs. You may not even realize how many high paying jobs don’t require degrees.

Cake decorator

Primary duties: A cake decorator is responsible for taking orders from customers who need a cake made for a special celebration, such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or baby shower. A lot of times, the cake decorator also bakes and assembles the cake before decorating. A cake decorator typically has great attention to detail, manages time well and is creative, customer-focused and organized. They may work for a bakery, run their own full-time cake decorating business or decorate cakes on the side for supplemental income.

Primary duties: A gallery assistant is responsible for providing customer service to guests and performing administrative duties for an art gallery owner or art curator. In this role, you may have to greet guests, schedule exhibitions, answer phone calls, help arrange the gallery for an event and manage the art collection. A gallery assistant is usually a creative who appreciates art and may even have some artistic aspirations of their own. This role allows them to get to know artists and work in an industry they enjoy.

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

Every product we use was designed by someone. In industries like manufacturing, specialized design services, architectural and engineering services and wholesale trade, that someone typically goes by the job title of industrial designer. Part designer, part engineer and part businessperson, an industrial designer comes up with the designs for products large and small, from motor vehicles to children’s toys.

An industrial designer does consider the visual aesthetics of product design, but creativity also comes into play when creating a product that fulfills requirements of function, cost and user-friendliness. These professionals need to figure out the “audience” for the product and visually design (with the help of computer-aided design software) a product that meets that audience’s needs and expectations. These designs don’t remain sketches for long – they progress to virtual models and finally physical prototypes.

A bachelor’s degree is sufficient education to land you an entry-level role in industrial design, but employers will look at more than your degree. Most aspiring industrial designers build an electronic portfolio of their product designs, which they can show to prospective employers to illustrate their skills, the BLS reported.

Types Of Degrees

UoPeople student on laptop with notebooks attending online college
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We’ve now looked at some of the highest-paid jobs without needing a degree. If you want a job that makes the most money with the least education, this list is where to start.

Also, think about what type of job you’d enjoy. Do you want to work in an office or outside? Do you prefer working with technology/information or with people?

There are good careers without a degree for both of those types of jobs. (For example, real estate agents need to be great with people. Software developers don’t).


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